Do you dream about having your own horse, but your parents just aren’t ready to buy one yet? 

at Saddle Camp - You'll have your own horse for as long as you stay!

Choose from 6 horses & ponies to be yours for as long as you stay.  You’ll learn how to care for your horse, ride it, how to harness up and drive a horse & cart, play games on horse-back, present your horse for a show and compete in a leading class, riding class, dressage test and show-jumping competition.  You’ll also ride around our 168 acre property and have a go on The Galloping Track, before riding down to the local swimming holes for a splash.

But the BIGGEST, most exciting part of Saddle Camp is the other girls you will meet here.  Our overnight camps are GIRLS ONLY! We're all MAD about horses!  You'll ride out with 3 other girls and share a room with them at night - creating a friendship that will last forever…

You can choose from the following camps.  But please note, there are only 4 places available at a time for any of these camps – so book in as soon as you can if you'd like the holidays!  We do run them every week of the year, though... 


Bring up to 3 friends for a Weekend of Adventure. Play party games on horseback, go on a spotlighting tour at night, watch horse movies, eat pancakes for breakfast and go for a 2 hour Picnic Trail Ride around the property. Recommended for girls 6 years and over.

From 2.30 pm Saturday to 11.30 am Sunday                                                                                                            $170.00 per rider


Your own horse for the weekend!!!  Learn how to groom, saddle up, ride and drive a horse & cart.  Play mounted games and party games on horseback.  Spotlight native animals at night, go for a Picnic Trail Ride and practice competing in a horse show.  Recommended for girls  6 years and over.

Available every weekend                                                                                                                                                $325.00 per rider


Make any weekend a long weekend!  Learn how to groom your horse, how to saddle-up and how to ride properly. Drive a horse and cart. Play mounted games and party games on horseback. Spotlight native animals at night, go for a Picnic Trail Ride and River Ride and practice competing in a horse show. And at the end of the weekend, receive a trophy or rosette! Recommended for girls 6 years and over.

Available every weekend                                                                                                                                             $485.00 per rider


Your own horse for 4 whole days!!!  (Tuesday to Friday, with optional Monday).  Ride in a Horsemanship Day and Picnic Trail Ride around the property and down to the Bombay Swimming Holes.  Compete in a Gymkhana and Show Day - plus have a private half hour riding lesson each day.  Spotlight native animals at night and watch some great horse movies.  Recommended for girls 8 years and over.

Every Tuesday to Friday, with optional Monday                                                                                                    $650.00 per rider

Assurance to Parents

When your children ride at Saddle Camp you can be assured they are riding a safe, reliable, healthy horse, their gear has been fitted by a professional saddle fitter and is regularly maintained, they are being instructed by a professional qualified instructor and they are fully covered by public liability insurance.

Our programs have been developed over 18 years (we started in 1997).  Natural Horsemanship concepts are woven in too, so you can be sure our horses are relaxed and happy in their work.

When your children stay at Saddle Camp you can be assured that they will sleep in secure, comfortable and clean accommodation, there is full adult supervision in the room just next door and that their nutritious, but fun, meals will be thoughtfully prepared (with most vegetables freshly harvested from our own kitchen garden).  Your children will be welcomed as part of our family.

We’re on a 168 acre scenic property just 10 minutes drive from the historic town of Braidwood – 1 hour from Canberra, 40 minutes from Batemans Bay, 3 hours from Sydney, and 4 hours from the snowfields.  There is full mobile phone reception and free wifi at the Club House so you can keep in touch 24/7.  And should the worst happen, we have First Aid trained staff and equipment on-site, and our wonderful hospital is just a 10 minute drive away.

Our cook, Robert Faulkner, is a trained baker from Braidwood Bakery and Dojo Bread, and there will be a constant supply of food for whenever they’re hungry!  Just let us know in advance if your daughter has any special dietary requirements, so we can make sure she’s well looked after.

We can also provide transfers (minimum of 2) between Sydney, Canberra or Goulburn in our 7 seater Isuzu MUX. 

If your daughter doesn’t thoroughly enjoy the camp, there’s a full Money Back Guarantee.  We have free wi-fi available, and if your daughter doesn’t have her own device she’s welcome to use my phone to call or Facetime you at any time (even through the night).   So if she’s not having a good time, or is feeling unsafe, you’ll know straight away – and we will all do our utmost to fix it.

My weekend at Saddle Camp was one I will never forget. 10 minutes from Braidwood NSW, Helen from Saddle Camp has created a unique and beautiful place.

We arrived on Saturday morning and I was able to choose my horse to ride for my time there. There were 6 beautiful horses to choose from so it was a very hard decision. After that we got to tack up the horse we chose. We went on a ride around the beautiful property, stopping at a waterhole to give the horses a drink. Helen showed us how to feed the horses and we got to drive a horse and cart which was amazing!

At the end of the day we had a spectacular dinner with a movie and popcorn afterwards. After that we went on a spotlighting tour. We saw lots of animals and saw where the horses were sleeping for the night! The bedroom we slept in is cosy and very nice. I definitely slept well! In the morning Helen made us a wonderful breakfast and of course the horses had a great breakfast as well! :) Then we went on a long trail ride around the property and had a picnic lunch which was fantastic. When we got back we prepared for the mini show. We oiled the horses hooves & braided their manes and tails. We did a leading class, dressage and jumping. Then we played some fun games. We also had an awards ceremony at the end and I felt like I never wanted to leave!

My time at The Saddle Camp was magical. Thank you so much Helen and everyone else who made my time at The Saddle Camp so amazing!! - Alannah Trefz (11 Years Old) 

Dear Helen, Thank you so much for having me stay at Saddle Camp.  I loved it just as much if not more than the last three times.  I can’t wait to come back next time.  Victory was amazing, as normal!  When I’m older I really want to work at Saddle Camp.  I can’t wait to see youth, the boys, horses and Rob.   Many thanks, Lucy.  P.S.  Thanks Rob for driving me back to Sydney.

Dear Helen, Rob, Blake & Dexter.  I had the best time ever!  Cupid is an astonishing horse.  It was wonderful to ride him and I hope I’ll see him again soon.  You are the best!!!!   And have the best horse school and horses in NSW.  That’s a Fact.  You’re nice, friendly and the best ghost story teller.   Thank you so much, I now know so much more about how to ride a horse, the parts of a horse and bridle, saddle and harness parts.  From Tullia

Dear Helen, Rob, Blake & Dexter.  Tullia had the most wonderful time at the Saddle camp, an obviously unforgettable experience.  I have noticed a more confident and independent girl.  I am now family with many of the “Braidwood Ghost Stories”!  Thank you for providing such a great time and your special care.  Kind regards, Rosemarie (Tullia’s Mum)

Dear Helen xxx.  There’s a lot to stay and I can’t say it all, but THANK YOU for teaching me things that I could have never learnt at home!  For letting me gallop, for letting me join your family for the week, for putting up with my needs and questions, for trusting me (to do feeds and bareback) for giving me lots of opportunities on horseback, for being so patient kind, helpful and last but not least for the - Experience!  I learnt a lot of things here that will help me back home on Zac and to work on in the future!  If someone has a need you find a way to make it work!  Sorry for flooding you with questions, and Thank you for answering all of them for me.  I wish I could come here more often but a 13 hour drive from Waikerie isn’t very fun!  I will miss the Saddle Camp very, very much but as mum and dad have said I can come back SEEYA NEXT YEAR!  Thank you for the voucher for my birthday and the beautiful card.  Words can’t explain how much I need to thank you so I hope you know how much!  I loved spending time with your whole family!  Thank you for the opportunities .  With lots of love from Demi xxxxx00000xxxxx00000 P.S.  You should be proud of how great the Saddle Camp is and remember all the valuable time you have put into it!  I am proud to be the girl that came all the way from SA!  (13 hrs) And that drive was SOOOO worth it xxxxx

Thank you for the most AWESOME camp ever last school holidays I know its a bit late but it still feels like it was yesterday.  It feels like every time I go back things just keeps getting better and I definitely feel more confident  when riding.  The program is just so incredible and I always come home with lots more knowledge about riding and horses than I did before I left.  When I wasn't riding and with the horses I still loved it ,the food was incredible (thanks, Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the hot chocolates were amazing.  Thank you once again, Chloe.  P.S.  The Saddle Camp is Awesome. 

"My daughter had the most wonderful time. There were quite a few tears upon return as she had to return to her very normal, no excitement, no horse family - such is the terrible life she leads. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her."  from Liz in Sydney.

Places are incredibly limited for holidays, as we only have 4 girls stay at each camp.  But we run them every week of the year.  So call or email Helen any time on

0417 456 093 or [email protected] 

For a full detailed program for each of these camps, and/or to reserve your place.  If you'd like to bring your own horse, there are discounts.  I’m sure you’ll have loads of questions about food, supervision, accommodation, etc.  So please ask anything!  We want to make sure your daughter has just an amazing experience as you do - and between us, we can match her with other girls her own age and personality, and a horse that your daughter will LOVE.