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Saddle Camp Goss - September '17


What Can You Get Involved In?

Halloween at Saddle Camp

Halloween is just around the corner so why not join Team Saddle Camp for our Ghastly Afternoon Tea, then Treacherous Games on Horseback for Treats (or Tricks!) on Tuesday 31 October.  Just $30 with free pick up from school, and riding until 5 pm. Start booking ahead now to confirm your place! 

*Please note that this event is for St Bede's & Braidwood Central students only.*  



Saddle Camp's 20th Anniversary Birthday Party! 

Get ready to be apart of our 20th Birthday Celebration Weekend, filled with Party Games on horseback, our Champions Challenge, a Saturday Night Camp Out & MORE!

*Various prizes to be won*

*Delicious Food & Drinks Available*

*Special guest appearance* 

When: Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 November 2017



Spring Cart Saddle For Sale  

Check out this stunning saddle made by Peter Stower - Leather Work, Sydney NSW.

The saddle won first prize at the Sydney Royal a few years ago and has never been used.  

$2000 firm.




Pony Express Day 2017

Pony Express Day celebrates the brave souls who made up the unique mail delivery system of the same name. Back in the days of the wild west, there was no Fed Ex, no Postal Service that ran that far west, no planes, and delivery by ship was likely to take months if it ever got there at all. Seeing this need for a specialized delivery service, Leavenworth and Pike’s Peak Express Company took an opportunity to expand into this void. From this important decision was born one of the most iconic pieces of American History, whose influence is felt in hundreds of Pony Express Day Festivals throughout the American Midwest.


The Pony Express existed for 18 months between the days of April 3, 1860 to October 1861. In these days there was no air mail, no great American Highway, all there was was hundreds of miles of wide open spaces with not much in between but animal filled wilderness and bandito filled hollows. During this time, if you wanted to send a letter or small package from anywhere East past the gateway of St. Joseph, Missouri, there was only one way to go. The Pony Express was a massive employer for it’s time, with up to 80 young riders employed at any given stage, with stringent requirements on their age, size, and weight.

The Pony Express preferred to employ the youngest riders they could, in part for their resilience, and in part for how light they were. The lighter a man was the longer the horse could run and the more cargo the rider could carry, and since the horses were put to go full tilt for 10 to 15 miles at a stretch before changing, this was of vital importance. The rider changed out every 75 to 100 miles, but the mail never so much as slowed even in the worst of weather. While the average trip from coast to coast (On Horseback!) took 10 days, when they delivered Lincoln’s Inaugural Address, the trip was made in a mere 7 days and 17 hours.

How To Celebrate

With Pony Express Day Festivals being a staple all throughout the United States, there are tons of opportunities to celebrate the bravery of these young mailmen. You can spend Postal Express Day dressed up as one of these adventurous young souls who served as the heart of America’s fast tracked postal line, while watching equestrian events commemorating the challenges they faced. Speaking of equestrian events, lets not forget the true heroes of this endeavor, the horses that carried men and post across the nation time and time again. These events often have a broad range of related events, including food related events. Chili was one of the staples of the old American West, and as you might imagine there was often a pot of this spicy staple bubbling to keep the riders fed as they came in and out with the packages.

If you find yourself without a local event, you can host one at your home. Make Chili and Cornbread, find logos and the like to print out online, and get the 1953 movie ‘Pony Express’ featuring Charleston Heston and Rhonda Fleming! This is a classic about this amazing American institution and the trials and efforts of the men and women who fought to make it a reality. So get together with your friends and family on Pony Express Day, and celebrate the Pioneer spirit of the Old West!



Laura's Visit to Canada's Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The  Stampede is known as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth for good reason. For 10 days every July Calgary welcomes the world to a spectacular celebration of western heritage and values. 

When the first Calgary Stampede was held in 1912, the era of the Canadian Old West had only just passed. Guy Weadick famously organised and promoted the original event, and grew the Calgary Stampede into what it is today: an annual 10 day event attracting more than one million visitors each July with rodeo competitions, chuckwagon races, a midway carnival, live music, festival events, arts and culture.

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth remains a treasured link to the history and a celebration of rodeo and agriculture. With professional rodeo as its signature experience, the Calgary Stampede also features a vast array of arts and agricultural exhibits, musical performances, intriguing cuisine, shopping, and an extensive midway of rides and games. The captivating experience is unrivalled for variety and excitement. The Stampede spirit consumes the city.

Laura - "I went to the Calgary Stampede with my Canadian friend, Christena, who I met when I worked in the UK in 2015. Christena & I organised to stay in Banff, Alberta which is a 1.5 hour drive from Calgary which was perfect for us because we were keen to experience the Stampede after hearing such great reviews & feedback about it. So on our second last day in Alberta we decided to go to the Stampede. We had been told it was a huge event & quite incredible but we were quite shocked at just how grand it was when we arrived! Christena had pre-booked tickets for us to watch the Rodeo held during the day & the Grandstand Show that night. This meant that we didn't have much of an opportunity to look around the whole venue so we ended up having to go back again the next day and lucky we did as we discovered so many things we had missed out on the day before. We came across various horse riding demonstrations throughout the day which were amazing and then ended on an exciting note by purchasing a few Stampede souvenirs! By the time we did all that it was time to go, sadly. But overall I absolutely loved the Stampede and hope that many of you get the chance to experience this once in a life time opportunity in the future!" 


Saddle Camp in Latest HorseWyse Magazine

A huge thank you to Rosie Crawford & Claire Pettit for starring in our Horsewyse Magazine article! You both did an incredible job and it's looks fabulous! The article written by Helen explains the various warm up ideas you can do for Horse Riding & the benefits of performing them. You can find this article on display at Saddle Camp or can purchase your own copy from your local newsagency! 



Winners of our Monthly Barrel Draw! 

This months winner is Natalie Shea! Congratulations Natalie, you have won a Gift Certificate for a free Day Camp of your choice!

Congratulations to our runner-ups - Rhiarna Watchers, Stella Vardanega, Mack Vardanega, Thomas Shea, Zara Watchers, Amelia Podlesak, Kai Podlesak, Hallie Wilson, Isabelle Wilson, Lara Wilson and Aisha Mazouz. 



Our winner of last months competition is  Bianka Micic-Cokas! Congratulations Bianka, you've won a $50 Gift Certificate which can be put towards any purchase of your choice at Saddle Camp!   


Congratulations To:

 Kiah Ecclestone, Grace Smith, Amelia Allen & Annie Conston who were all awarded a trophy for Best Horse Person at Saddle Camp (at our Day and Overnight Camps)! And to Jallamara Gardner for graduating from our Formal Riding Lesson Program!

Happy Birthday To:

Stella Andrews, Elyse Austin, Charli Bollard, Ethan Bradfield-Gray, Lilith Bradley, Alora Breen, Charissa Brown, Lily Burtenshaw, Lucinda Camilleri, Sarah Cavanagh, Coco Collins, Imogen Cooper, Rachel Crawford, Jai Davies, Amali De Michele, Meagan Donnelley, Rebecca Fallshaw, Cassidy Field, Erin Fisher, Ivy Fox, Charlie Gardner, Kirsty Garner, Macey Greenhalgh, Lily Griffiths, Alesha Hassett, Alex Hayston, Abbey Hewitt, Joshua James, Jeni Joseph, Ava Kerr, Diana Kerr, Phoebe Kerry, Tia Kingma, Jasmine Kingston, Lyric Knowles, Matilda Laidler, Anna Lakic, Maddie Lang, Jack Sephton, Ashlinn Leatham, Rhiannon Leatham, Naomi Leszczynska, Tegan Lewis, Xanthe Lockyer, Polina Ludina, Forbes Mailler, Kody Maunsell, Evie McVicar, Billy McVicar, Hugh Officer, Indi O'Gorman, Josie Phelan, Sintayehu Pollock, Poppy Prince, Calypso Putra Jara, Saxon Quirk, Aya Richardson, Nelita Ridley, Briana Robertson, Emma Robinson, Benjamin Rothenfluh, Kaiya Royds, Eliza Styles, Chelsea Tiller, River Turnbull, Matilda Van Berkel, Isabel Vassallo, Annabel Von Goertz, Sienna Wild, Samantha Williams, Marcus Wilson, Nikki Worner and Tamar Yehezkel. 


For Sale:

Lola-Lee Lou's Equestrian T-shirts! Handmade & designed Equestrian t-shirts by Lola-Lee Lou Hoeffer-Dunne from Canberra. These t-shirts are displayed at Saddle Camp but can be mailed to those of you who wish to purchase one of these gorgeous pieces of clothing! To order yours now, contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or E:

New Size L 10 Saddle Camp Polo Shirts - We have new & improved Saddle Camp shirts for those of you who would like to purchase one. All have "Saddle Camp" written on the backs, but can order a batch for those of you wishing to have shirts personalised & in appropriate sizes - $45
For more details contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or Email: 

 Kids Leather Gloves - Like new, smart looking brown & taupe ELT riding gloves - would suit 7 - 10 year old $15
Contact Helen for more details - 0417 456  093 or E:

 If you have any outgrown horsey gear, name your price and let me know. I’d be delighted to advertise it here in our newsletter, free of charge!  There’s

In our Café/Gift Shop, we have:

·                     Brand new, never been read, Thoroughbred, Heartland and Saddle Club books from $2-$5 each. 

·                     Saddle Camp Caps, Beanies, Hats, Pillow Cases, Key Rings, etc. 

·                     Horse Riding Apparel – cute jods, gorgeous shirts, chapettes, jackets, socks, etc.

·                     Espresso Coffee & Freshly Baked Treats with some featuring Australian Native Ingredients (such as Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake, Anzac Biscuits, Saddle Camp Short Bread Girls, Pies, Chocolate Cake & Brownies).

·                     Sully's Homemade Pickles, Chutneys & Assorted Brewed Soft Drinks - various delicious flavours to choose from & are all made from local, homegrown produce at The Old Cheese Factory in Reidsdale, Braidwood.

·                     Yerriebah Jams with berries grown and bottled in Little Bombay Road.

·                     Elanor’s Eggs – Free range eggs from our lovely next door neighbor Elanor.  $5 for a fresh dozen.  Call 0415 585 878 to order and collect them on your next visit to Saddle Camp.


Also, we have a huge collection of lost property – so if you think you’ve left something behind don’t be afraid to ask me.  I’ll post it back to you!


How I Got Into Horses! 

Heather Moffett - Enlightened Equitation

Heather 1.jpg

Heather Moffett began riding as a young child in the UK, but was always curious about how things worked.  And when she was struggling in her riding lessons with her riding position at sit trot and canter - she was fascinated watching the old Western Movies at how those cowboys looked glued to the saddle even over the rough terrain. She analysed what they were doing and over time noticed how much flexion there was in their lower back.

After this Moment of Enlightenment she took her father's Hunter out in her friend's racing exercise saddle.   With the short stirrups it was easier to follow the horse's back motion in trot and canter with her lower back. She raced home, saddled up her own pony, and all of a sudden - she could sit to the trot and not bounce at a canter.  She felt much more glued to the saddle. She couldn't understand why her Riding Instructors hadn't explained how to synchronise a riders body with their horses!  She started passing her knowledge on to other riders, and found her mission in life - spreading the word that riding can be kind and cause no pain.

As soon as she was old enough she went to sit for The British Horse Society Riding Instructors Exams.  However, when they told her she was only allowed to follow their system of teaching, she refused to do the exams.  They said she'd never make a career working with horses.  46 years later she's still passing on her riding knowledge to her students, and has been made County Chairman on the British Horse Society!  She believes in changing the system from within, and now believes she's making some progress within the National Riding Education industry.

Heather pioneered Riding Simulators.  Its safer, more secured, a kinder way for the horse. (And yes, its now been added to Saddle Camp's shopping list.  A perfect addition to our Tack Room, don't you think!). Heather Believes Beginners are absolutely the most important to get the good instruction.  If they can develop the correct motion right at the start, they've got a great base to work on from.  And are far more likely to keep riding and advancing their skills. 



Her favourite saying is 1 + 1 in sync = 1.  When you're not in sync, 1 + 1 = a Big Mess.

She wrote Enlightened Equitation for adult beginners, and her Riding Book for children.  Not just about riding - there's also an important chapter about Horse Behaviour.  One of my favourite stories is from her riding school.  She had a big Hanoverian Warmblood named "Nipper" - for a reason!  There was an ad airing at the time with an animal behaviouralist named Barbara Woodhouse, feeding her horses a polo mint from her mouth.  Heather walked around a corner  just in time to see one of the mum's offering a polo mint to "Nipper" from her mouth!  How she didn't lose her whole nose, Heather has no idea.  But she did realise that she needed to put an emphasis on horse behaviour, because as a horse person you need to know a lot more than just riding to survive!

After the big success and feedback from her books and her Instructors Training Program, she went on to put a lot of her short training videos together on the web.  Its called the Online Classical Riding School and you can subscribe for around $10AUD/month (its 6.99 in English pounds), and she has many free videos you can watch on YouTube.There's brilliant videos - no more than 10 minutes each - about correct use of legs, weight aids,  correcting faults, first time on a horse, etc.

The focus is dressage, so the foot position isn't quite the same as we've been teaching at The Saddle Camp (where we're setting you up for galloping and jumping more than classical dressage).  But you'll get so much out of it, and its always eye-opening & mind-blowing to learn  new techniques. Why not try them all!



Braidwood Events


We hope you have a Spectacular September, and we really hope to see you soon! From Helen, Rob, Laura, Sarah, Blake, Dexter, Carson,Victory, Belle, Champ, Abby, Cadie & Callie xoxox 

1040 Bombay Road Braidwood, Ph: 0417 456 093, E:,