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Saddle Camp Goss - June '17

What Can You Get Involved In?

Queens Birthday Long Weekend Camp - 10, 11 & 12 June!

Are you ready for a bit of winter fun?  

Celebrate the Queens Birthday in Style, & enjoy Riding like a Royal at the Saddle Camp.  Why don't you try:

  • Riding Side Saddle.  You'll have an Instructor to show you what to do, you'll be riding Belle (our Irish Sport Horse Mare) who'll be plaited up and groomed to perfection.  You'll wear a Riding Habit and have your Portrait Photo taken as a keepsake forever.   It's $25 from 12.30 pm on Saturday 10th
  • A Royal Mini Hunt (for lollies instead of foxes) at 2.45 pm Saturday, 11.45 am & 12.30 pm Sunday for $25.
  • A Royal Wildlife Hunt & Picnic on Sunday from 9.30 to 11.30.  We'll be hunting wildlife with our cameras for a prize.  It's $85.  
  • A Royal Show - learn how to plait up your horse and compete in a Leading Class, Riding Class, Dressage Test & Show Jumping Competition.  We'll finish the day with party games on Horseback.  There's a Trophy &  Rosettes presented at the end, and lunch is included.  It's $105 from 11.30 to 4 pm on Sunday 11th.
  • Competing in a World Equestrian Games comp.  It's a day full of Gymkhana Games on Horseback - Ball & Racket Race, Diamond Flag Race, Barrel Race, Bending Race, Bend Bar Aft, Bounce Pony & Candy Steady. There's a Trophy & Rosettes presented at the end, and it's $100 and goes from 9 am to 1 pm on Monday 12th June.  
  • A Royal Picnic Ride down to the Shoalhaven River.  It's from 1 to 4 pm and costs $75.
  • A Weekend Camp from 9 am Sunday to 4 pm Monday - includes the Royal Wildlife Hunt & Picnic, Royal Show, World Equestrian Games comp,  the Royal Picnic Ride to the River, a Spotlighting Tour of the Property and a great sleepover with other super horse mad girls.  There's a Trophy & Rosettes presented at the end of the Weekend, and costs $315.

Just a few places left for each adventure so quickly book now for your chance to be a part of our Royal Weekend! 

When: Saturday 10 June - Monday 12 June

Email or call 0417 456 093 to reserve your place, your Highness!


July School Holidays

Already planning for the next school holidays? Our 4 Day/3 Night Camp have all booked out, but you can still join in the fun with our Weekend Camps, Long Weekend Camps, Day Camps and Long Day Camps! Bring a friend along and enjoy a fun filled weekend with party games on horseback, trail rides, spotlighting tours, endless entertainment, the chance to meet new people and create friendships and memories that will last forever!!
Don't miss out - Book in now as places fill up quickly!!   We can send you detailed programs for the Weekend/Long Weekend Camps, and you can see all the Riding Adventures at the end of this newsletter, or on  
Long Day Camps are brand new and start at 7.30 am and finish by 9 pm.  They include horse riding, all your meals & entertainment and a Spotlighting Tour in the ute after dark, for just $160.

And your family is welcome to stay too!  Parents and brothers are welcome can camp in our Camping Paddock, and join in all the after riding activities and even meals if they'd like.  Or they can stay in really lovely accommodation just 10 minutes away in Braidwood.  See or for lots more information. 




The Horses Birthday Party Camp on Saturday 5 & 6 August!

Did you know that every horse in the Southern Hemisphere celebrates their Birthday's on 1 August?  The date was set by the Horse Racing Industry to make it easier for horses to compete with other horses of the same age.
Race Horse Breeders aim to have their mares foal in early September, when there's lots of lush green grass available to help make lots of milk for healthy, strong and fast growing foals.  The date is set for 1 August just in case there's any premature babies.

So to celebrate our Saddle Camp Horses Birthdays we're hosting a Weekend full of Birthday Fun:
You can join in our:

  • Horsemanship Day - where you'll learn to care for & enjoy riding in the arena, out on trail, and playing mounted games.   You'll learn to driving a pony in  harness, enjoy a Horse's Birthday Lunch (shared with the horses - candy popcorn, chopped up carrots & apples, corn chips, fairy bread & carrot cake). and win a Trophy or Rosette at the end of the day.  It's on Saturday 5th August and costs $140 from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, or stay for more fun until 9 pm for $160.
  • Horse's Birthday Picnic Trail Ride from 9.30 to 11.30 am on  Sunday 6th August.  It's a 5 km trail ride round the property - letting the horse's stretch their legs & feel the wind in their hair over jumps & on the Galloping Track (totally optional for you - I promise!).  It's $85 and includes morning tea for you and your horse!
  • Horse's Birthday Show Day.  Make them look their finest for their Birthday Photos - then show them off in a Leading Class, Riding Class, Dressage Test & Jumping competition.  And finish the day with Party Games on Horseback - with licorice prizes for the horses and lollypops for you - plus a Trophy or Rosette at the end of the day.  It's $105 from 11.30 am to 4 pm and includes lunch & refreshments.
  • Slumber Party - with Party Games on Horseback from 2.30 pm on the Saturday afternoon, a Spotlighting Tour of the property at night and the Horse's Birthday Picnic Trail Ride the next morning.  It finishes at 11.30 am and costs $165.
  • Weekend Camp - which includes ALL OF THE ABOVE for just $315.


 We hope you can make it!!!


HorseWyse Magazine Comp Winner

A few weekends ago we had our winner of our HorseWyse Magazine competition, Alannah Trefz, travel up from Victoria with her friend Mia for their Weekend Camp, which was Alannah's prize. We all had SUCH a fabulous weekend! 

A huge thank you to HorseWyse Magazine  for running our competition to win a Weekend with a Friend at Saddle Camp! And an even bigger thank you to Alannah's mum for driving all the way from Victoria (9 hours in the car each way)!!! Thanks so much Alannah for entering the comp and bringing Mia along for a weekend of horse action. You were both  super stars & we hope to see you both very soon! 

Greening Australia visits Saddle Camp

Last month we had a Nicki Taws from Greening Australia visit Saddle Camp along with Felicity Sturgiss from Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council. It's very exciting times as Nicki and Felicity were checking up on our Wilderness Park to do a Bird Survey for Greening Australia! We hope to have more visits from Greening Australia throughout the rest of this year so we can up date you all on the progress of our Wilderness Park! 


Winners of our Monthly Barrel Draw! 

This months winner is Amelia Allen! Congratulations Amelia, you have won a Gift Certificate for a free Day Camp of your choice!

Congratulations to our runner-ups - Megan MacKenzie-Davies, Bonnie & Verity Bryce, Leyla Graham-Morris, Luca Bosci, Sophie McIntyre, Kiah Drue-Ecclestone, Imogen Davies & Ivy Nelson!



Our winner of last months competition is Daisy Wooley & our runner up winner is Harriet Stubbs!  Congratulations girls, your prizes will be sent to you via email so keep an eye out! 



This month's competition is to send in your favourite photo of yourself or that you have taken at Saddle Camp OR tell us your most memorable moment Saddle Camp!

Entries can be submitted via email to, and close midnight Tuesday 27th June 2017 so get your answers in quick!! The winner will be announced in next months newsletter! 



Congratulations To:

Tara Gupta, Alannah Trefz & Sophie McIntyre who were all awarded a trophy for Best Horse Person at Saddle Camp (at our Day and Overnight Camps)! And to Charlotte de la Rue for graduating from our Formal Riding Lesson Program!

Happy Birthday To:

Madeleine Algie, Nicolas Allen, Penny Appleby, Meike Bannister, Julieanna Barrett, Paris Borkowski, Lillian Britton, Anna Buckley, Bartholomew Bunk, Holly Caffery, Sheriden Clanaghan, Emily Clarke, Isabella Claydon, Laura Clee, Zalira Connelly-Hansen, Isabella Cooper, Joshua Matthews, Archer Crago, Loveday Creevey, Felicity Croszy, Sophie Dix, Frankie Doherty, Molly Doon, Caitlin Drinkwater, Hallie Dwyer, Mia Efford, Mitchell Fern, Jessica Finneran, Deanna & Mitchell Fowler, Miah Gunderson, Olivia Hart, Frida Iofgren, Matilda Jenkins, Milla Kelly, Pepper Kidd, Laura King, Samara Kirkwood, Sullivan Kovacs, Jemima Lacey, Charlotte Laidler, Thomas Sephton, Rebecca Lloyd, Tahni Mackay, Wyatt Marven, Elyse McGovern, Tessa Mettke, Emily Moore, Lily Moore, Samantha Morgan, Amity Morris, Blake Morris, Bryce Nelson, Jorja Noye, Joseph Oakden, Scarlette O'Gorman, Gabby Osborne, Skelton Pharaoh, Rebecca Phipps, Rose Plummer, Courtney Rawlins, Tobias Rea, Anna Reynolds, Tom Rudd, Annabel & Eliza Serena, Evelyn Shaw-Crocker, Jaime Smith, Zahra Sommers, Hamish Thistleton, Laura Trussler, Eliana Vlasoff, Leo Vlasoff, Theodore Vlasoff, Kaliana Walker, Riley Walsh, Olivia Ware, Leyarna Westlake, Olive Whition and Camryn Wilder! 


For Sale:

Lola-Lee Lou's Equestrian T-shirts! Handmade & designed Equestrian t-shirts by Lola-Lee Lou Hoeffer-Dunne from Canberra. These t-shirts are displayed at Saddle Camp but can be mailed to those of you who wish to purchase one of these gorgeous pieces of clothing! To order yours now, contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or E:

New Size L 10 Saddle Camp Polo Shirts - We have new & improved Saddle Camp shirts for those of you who would like to purchase one. All have "Saddle Camp" written on the backs, but can order a batch for those of you wishing to have shirts personalised & in appropriate sizes - $45
For more details contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or Email: 

 Kids Leather Gloves - Like new, smart looking brown & taupe ELT riding gloves - would suit 7 - 10 year old $15
Contact Helen for more details - 0417 456  093 or E:

 If you have any outgrown horsey gear, name your price and let me know. I’d be delighted to advertise it here in our newsletter, free of charge!  There’s

In our Café/Gift Shop, we have:

·                     Brand new, never been read, Thoroughbred, Heartland and Saddle Club books from $2-$5 each. 

·                     Saddle Camp Caps, Beanies, Hats, Pillow Cases, Key Rings, etc.  Proceeds from some of these go directly to Nepal to pay for a young Nepalese girl, Samunatt, go through school.

·                     Horse Riding Apparel – cute jods, gorgeous shirts, chapettes, jackets, socks, etc.

·                     Espresso Coffee & Freshly Baked Treats with some featuring Australian Native Ingredients (such as Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake, Anzac Biscuits, Saddle Camp Short Bread Girls, Pies, Chocolate Cake & Brownies).

·                     Sully's Homemade Pickles, Chutneys & Assorted Brewed Soft Drinks - various delicious flavours to choose from & are all made from local, homegrown produce at The Old Cheese Factory in Reidsdale, Braidwood.

·                     Yerriebah Jams with berries grown and bottled in Little Bombay Road.

·                     Elanor’s Eggs – Free range eggs from our lovely next door neighbor Elanor.  $5 for a fresh dozen.  Call 0415 585 878 to order and collect them on your next visit to Saddle Camp.


Also, we have a huge collection of lost property – so if you think you’ve left something behind don’t be afraid to ask me.  I’ll post it back to you!


How I Got Into Horses! 

Queen Elizabeth II

Away from the demands of royal duty, the Queen's private passion is for the world of horses.. Horses have been central to The Queen’s life from a very young age. She had her first riding lesson when she was just three years old and was given her first pony, the Shetland mare Peggy, by her grandfather King George V on her fourth birthday.

One of The Queen’s favourite horses was Burmese, a mare presented to her by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969 when they came to perform at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The Queen rode Burmese side-saddle for 18 years at the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which celebrates the Sovereign’s birthday.

The Queen is extremely knowledgable about breeding horses and her thoroughbreds have won more than 1,600 races. The only British classic to have eluded her to date is The Derby at Epsom. She also breeds British native Shetlands, Highlands and Fell ponies, which have enjoyed considerable success in the show ring, along with some of her retired racehorses produced by Katie Jerram.

Our monarch is currently patron of the British Horse Society, the Fell Pony Society, the Highland Pony Society, the Shire Horse Society, the Welsh Pony and Cob Society and the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.

Recent years have seen the Queen cut down on the amount of time she spends in the saddle, but she still takes a keen interest in all her horses & ponies. At age 91 she still regularly visits the royal stables and often take a ride around the grounds of Windsor Castle, accompanied by her head groom. 

Following her Atlanta success, Wendy lived and trained in South Australia where she managed an Equestrian services Company, Sunburst Equestrian, in order to pursue the riding and training of elite Three Day Event horses.  She had also managed to fit in University studies, completing a Physiotherapy Degree at the University of South Australia in June 1999 and more recently has completed a Masters in Animal Physiotherapy to transfer her skills to horses and dogs. Research undertaken in the equine exercise physiology field - specifically the physiological demands placed on event horses in training and competition - was of particular interest and may well be the subject of further study if funding can be arranged! 

Wendy moved to base herself in Europe in June 2010 to contest the European Jumping selection trials for WEG, Lexington, Kentucky, with Koyuna Sun Set. But as the non travelling reserve, the horse remained in Germany over WEG and Wendy returned home to her eventers - finishing 1st & 3rd on Koyuna Sun Dancer & Koyuna Sun Shine in the Adelaide, Australian International 3DE 4*. The decision was then made to take all 4 horses qualified for 3*/4* back to base in UK together and consolidate the 'London campaign' . An enormous effort and commitment which did lead to other developments ! - Wendy married Nigel Macdonald in July 2013 and they are now living in UK, based near Reading. 



We hope you have a  Jazzy June, and we really hope to see you soon! From Helen, Rob, Laura, Sarah, Blake, Dexter, Carson, Douglas, Victory, Belle, Champ, Abby & Cadie xoxox 

1040 Bombay Road Braidwood, Ph: 0417 456 093, E:,