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Saddle Camp Goss - April '18


                         What Can You Get Involved In?

                                Places Available For April School Holiday Camps! 


We still have plenty of places available for our Day Camps, Weekend and Long Weekend Camps these! Our camps are a fabulous way for them to build confidence, gain new knowledge and skills, and create friendships that last forever!  So why not book in now and make these holidays the best your child has experienced ever!

We can also make any Day Camps into Long Day Camps from 7 am to 9 pm each day for $160/child.  Includes all our riding activities for the day, helping look after the horses before and after riding, all their meals, spotlighting tour at night in the ute looking out for wild animals and other games and entertainment. Boys are very welcome too!

And if you'd like to share the adventure with the whole family - bring your tent or caravan and join in the fun overnight. Click the link provided for more details about our camping & facilities!

April 2017.png

Email [email protected] or call 0417 456 093 to book in now!

Sydney CDI*** Dressage – Behind The Scenes Tour 2018

Saddle Camp Riders have once again been invited to Sydney’s CDI*** “Behind The Scenes Tour” at The Sydney International Equestrian Centre on Thursday 3rd of May.  As before, everyone will have the chance to get up close to these beautiful horses and talk to their riders and coaches. 

This is a special year as in September, we have the World Equestrian Games being held in Tryon, California and it is the first time Australian based riders have been able to qualify from Australia, making it more of a level playing field for our equestrians. The Sydney CDI is the second last qualifier for the games, so the best of our Australian based riders will all be here!
Some of the high points include:

  • Your school goes ‘behind the scenes’ into the security controlled stable area to talk with the riders, meet their Grand Prix horses and  learn  about the staging of an International Equestrian event from officials such as the Stable Manager, Event Veterinarian, Chief Steward, coaches and Internationally accredited judges. 
  • With WEG selection up for grabs, the spotlight is on just who can claim one of those berths by qualifying on their home ground. Further on, there’s the  Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, so the 'new kids on the block’ will have their sites on consolidating their performances over the next 2 years. 
  • Our visiting International judges have all judged at either Olympic level or at World Equestrian Games or World Championships.
  • Young Riders again feature this year, in their own Young Rider Under 25 Grand Prix International competition, these are the up and coming role models for our sport and students will have the chance to talk with them about their careers.
  • Our Young Horses are again on show in the 4/5/6 and 7 year old classes and  we aim to have a qualified young horse judge discuss the test with you

If anyone is interested in attending, Saddle Camp are organising a group to travel up on Thursday 3rd of May. Transport is $40 pp and if it’s easier to stay at The Saddle Camp overnight, it’s an extra $20. Apart from that, the tour is Free! For more information contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or [email protected]!


Bodywork for your Horse - The Basics
Hosted by Elementals Equine Therapies

Learn Simple & Effective Bodywork for the Average Horse Person.

This 1 Day Introductory Workshop aims to empower you to improve your horse’s wellbeing. No particular skill or anatomy knowledge is required. The workshop covers: -

• Understanding what is normal for your horse
• Simple bodywork techniques covering the whole horse
• Techniques from a variety of sources including The Tellington Method, The Masterson Method, Dr. Kerry Ridgeway, Sports Therapy. Cost $190 with earlybird special available

When: Saturday 5th May 2018
Where: Bungendore NSW

For more info about this event contact Rebecca on 0419 003 530 or check them out online at




Saddle Camp Welcomes Latest Latest Team Member, Destiny! 

Melads Destiny, aka Des,  is a 14 year old, 15.1hh Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding. Des is a very affectionate horse & of course loves his food! Des has been schooled extensively by his previous owner's instructor for both dressage and jumping which will make him the perfect horse for riding lessons (particularly on the lunge), also because he has been used regularly for riding lessons. He has also been ridden at many Riding Club rallies and numerous HRCAV (Horse Riding Club Association of Victoria) competitions including Top Team Trophy events placing in grade 4 Dressage, taking his previous owner/rider from grade 5 through to grade 3. Destiny will be a great asset to our team & we can't wait for you all to meet him!! 


Saddle Camp Featured In Upper Shoalhaven Report


South East Local Land Services
Changes To Worm Control In Horses

Report by Petrea Wait, Monaro District Vet 


Once upon a time, every horse owner was taught that all horses should be wormed every 6-8 weeks for the rest of their lives. This information was based on worm control programs designed over 40 years ago, when the most common and dangerous worm type in horses was the large strongyle. Many things have changed since then and this worming strategy is no longer recommended. In this day and age it is causing far more problems than it solves.

The advent of ivermectin-based drench has largely wiped out the large strongyle, but it has been replaced by the small strongyle as the worm type of greatest concern. Because the small strongyle has a different life cycle, frequent use of drenches has led to the development of drench resistance in small strongyles, as well as other worm species. Better strategies have now been developed.

The cornerstone of the new worm control method is performing a worm egg count, and from this determining if your horse has worms, how many worms and what type of worms. It is now recognized that in adult horses 80% of the worm burden is carried by 20% of the horses in a population. An adult horse’s immune system keeps worm numbers in check, and a low worm burden is an advantage as it keeps the immune system primed to recognize and deal with worms as they are picked up from the pasture. Another advantage of not treating with drench when your horse has a low worm burden is that it means that there are worms in the horse’s environment that have not been exposed to certain drenches, helping to prevent the development of drench resistance.

It is the 20% of horses that carry high worm burdens that need to be identified and targeted for worm treatment as they are responsible for contaminating the pasture with worm larvae. Many vet practices offer worm testing as part of their services. Horse worm test kits are also available from your Local Land Services office. Up to 10 horses can be tested, with a single sample costing $15.60 and 4-10 horses costing $58.27.

Worm egg counts should be undertaken 2-4 times per year, more frequently for juvenile, aged, unwell horses, or those kept in large herds, particularly where the horses in the mob change often, such as at agistment centres and studs. Horses can then be classified based on the result as low egg shedders (<200 eggs per gram or epg), moderate egg shedders (200-500 epg) or high egg shedders (>500 epg). The test can also tell you the type of worms present, be they large strongyles, small strongyles and/or ascarids. Pin worms, tape worms and bots are not identified reliably by a worm test.

Once you know how many worms your horse has and what type of worms, a drench needs to be chosen.

There are four main categories of active ingredients in horse drenches:

  • Macrocyclic lactones – “Mectins” (Ivermectin, Abamectin, Moxidectin):  a widely used broad spectrum wormer, although there is known resistance to this class of drug in ascarids, and developing resistance in small strongyles. This chemical is not effective against tapeworms.
  • Benzimadazoles – “BZs” (Fenbendazole, Oxfendazole, Oxibendazole): active against most worm types, but not tapeworm or bots. Small strongyles are widely resistant, but it is still mostly effective against ascarids.
  • Tetrahydropyrimadines – “THPs” (Pyrantel, Morantel): used to treat most worm species, but not effective against bots.
  • Pyroxenes – Praziquantel: highly effective against tapeworms, but not other worm species.

Due to the development of resistance in worms to individual active ingredients, it is now recommended that combination worming products are used that combine active ingredients from two or more of the above groups. As praziquantel is only effective against tapeworms, products which contain this should not be considered a combination, unless a third ingredient is present.

The time of year should also be considered when choosing a worming product. All horses should receive a broad-spectrum wormer that includes ivermectin and praziquantel in late autumn to ensure that tapeworm and bots are eliminated at a time when horses are unlikely to become re-infested.  By contrast, a drench containing a “mectin” can be avoided in summer as bots are in the fly stage of their lifecycle and not present in the horse’s gut to be susceptible to wormer.

The age of the horse also needs to be considered when deciding if worming is required. Young horses are far more susceptible to worms than adults and require more frequent treatment. They are also susceptible to different worm species, particularly the ascarid worms, and drenching programs need to address this. As foals and weanlings do not have fully developed immune systems the test and treat method of strategic worming is not suitable for this group. In the first year of life it is recommended to treat at 10-12 weeks of age, 5-6 months of age and at 9-12 months of age. For yearlings, worm counts are recommended to be undertaken every 6-8 weeks and treatment given as indicated.

The last, but possibly most important part of a parasite reduction program, is management of pasture to ensure that horses are not becoming re-infested with worms. Pasture management aims to reduce the amount of worm eggs in the environment and has been found to be up to five times more effective than worming alone. Practices may include:

  • removal of manure from stables, yards and paddocks every 1-3 days and composting to kill worm eggs
  • harrowing paddocks to break up manure piles at times when eggs and larvae will not survive (i.e. temperatures over 30 degrees), then spelling the paddock for 6-8 weeks
  • grazing paddocks with another species such as cattle or sheep
  • cropping paddocks
  • following de-worming, place horses into a “clean” paddock
  • feeding horses off the ground in feed bins or hay nets
  • removing bot eggs from the legs and body of horses while horses are in an area they do not feed
  • reducing the stocking rate of pastures to decrease parasite exposure as horses will be able to graze away from manure

New additions to the herd should be quarantined and given an effective drench with a combination product. A follow up worm test should be performed 14 days later to ensure the drench was effective prior to introducing the new horse to the herd. To prevent foals from becoming infected, treat mares immediately prior to foaling with an effective drench then move them to a clean paddock.


Winners of our Monthly Barrel Draw! 

This months winner is Evelyn Wright! Congratulations Evelyn, you have won a Gift Certificate for a free Day Camp of your choice!

Congratulations to our runner-ups - Archer Auckram-Ridley, Sophie Doré, Delaney Jean Perrin, Natalie Procter, Jezzabelle Hayman & Isabella Alexis Pont. 

Competition Winner! 

 Our winner of last months competition is Bianka Micic-Cokas! Congratulations Bianca, you've won a $50 Gift Certificate which can be put towards any purchase of your choice at Saddle Camp!   


Congratulations To:

 Micah Austin, Ruby Dorman, Ava Algie, Bella & Maddi, Natalie Procter, Samantha Costigan, Helena Boyd, Eliza & Molly who were all awarded a trophy for Best Horse Person at Saddle Camp (at our Day and Overnight Camps)! 

And to Leyla Morris for graduating from our Formal Riding Lesson Program!


Happy Birthday To:

Emily Ahearn, Kiah Baker-Ecclestone, Ruby Barwise, Gemma Batten Drake, Teagan Batten Drake, Ailis Benson, Josie Bevan, Elly Bollard, Jack Bradley, Amaya Buffier, Ellie Buffier, Jasmine Burns, Lilly Burns, Ellah Cameron, Chase Casha, Imogen Cheetham, Zara Colley, Jessie & Cody Cox, Emme Culver, Acacia Dawson, Ella Day, Pasquale Deo, Zara Ferguson, Charlotte Fitzhardinge, Eliza Fleming, Dana Forster, Robert French, Tommy Gilbert, Catherine Gill, Lily Goldsbrough, Lara Groeneweg, Lily Hackett, Elodie Hallinan, Ashton Harkness, Isabelle Harvey, Ruby Hewitt, Madeleine Hill, Charlotte Holt, Isla Horne, Julian Hough, Sally Horwood, Josie Hudson, Matilda Jeffery, Aprika Joshi, Sascha Kneipp, Maddie Lloyd, Angus MacPhail, Fred Maher, Stephanie Maimer, Rita Marshall, Chloe Masterson, Abby McCrae, Zoe McCrae, Eva McDermott-Bebonis, Tully McDonald, Anna Mettke, Camila & Valentina Navarro-Garcia, Maddi Nelson, Ivy Nodado, Declan O'Byrne, Leo Patterson, Bethan Pitt, Joumana Quinn, Jessica Reid, Shell Ridley, Millie Roach, Abigail Rose, Steph Sailer, Jonah Santosuosso, Amy Scott, Paige Sliwinski, Henry Smyth, Freya Steadman, Ronja & Freya Stoppel, Milan Surman-Schmidt, Yasmin Surman-Schmidt, Mimi Swan, Madeleine Taylor, Grace Taylor, Miranda Taylor, Emma Theodorakis, Talia Thompson, Luka Tyndale-Biscoe, Stella Vardanega, Harrison Wall, Christina Wall, Riley Whiteley, Emma Willis, Sophie Yang, Madeline Young and Olivia Zhang.   


For Sale:

Horse Agistment Available

Rural cattle property near Araluen/Braidwood region.
For more information please call Heike Hahner on 0474 936 281.

Second Hand Cattle Yards

 RPM yards including RPM headbale with loading ramp from Australian Stockyards. The ramp is height adjustable to suit truck or trailer loading.
These yards are about 12 years old in sound condition.  I have safely worked the yards with 12 big bullocks. The yards consist of an adjustable loading ramp, head bale, 2 race gates, 2 race bows, 16 regular panels, 4 regular gates and bows and 1 panel with man-gate. They are very similar to those shown in the attached RPM brochure without a crush but with 5 extra panels. Current quoted price for these new yards is $14,000 plus delivery.

Price: $9,500  or ono. 

Pickup from just off Kings Highway, around 25 minutes north of Braidwood, NSW - contact Troy on 0413481074.


Lola-Lee Lou's Equestrian T-shirts! Handmade & designed Equestrian t-shirts by Lola-Lee Lou Hoeffer-Dunne from Canberra. These t-shirts are displayed at Saddle Camp but can be mailed to those of you who wish to purchase one of these gorgeous pieces of clothing! To order yours now, contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or E: [email protected]


Young Harrison's Homemade Saddle Trolleys - No longer will it be a struggle to store & carry your tack & riding gear as these trolleys hold your saddle, grooming kit, helmet & more! These amazing trolleys are a rider's dream & come in various colours! We have a red single Saddle Trolley  here for just $60.  To order yours contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or E: [email protected]



If you have any outgrown horsey gear, name your price and let me know. I’d be delighted to advertise it here in our newsletter, free of charge!  There’s

In our Café/Gift Shop, we have:

·                     Brand new, never been read, Thoroughbred, Heartland and Saddle Club books from $2-$5 each. 

·                     Saddle Camp Caps, Beanies, Hats, Pillow Cases, Key Rings, etc. 

·                     Horse Riding Apparel – cute jods, gorgeous shirts, chapettes, jackets, socks, etc.

·                     Espresso Coffee & Freshly Baked Treats with some featuring Australian Native Ingredients (such as Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake, Anzac Biscuits, Saddle Camp Short Bread Girls, Pies, Chocolate Cake & Brownies).

·                     Sully's Homemade Pickles, Chutneys & Assorted Brewed Soft Drinks - various delicious flavours to choose from & are all made from local, homegrown produce at The Old Cheese Factory in Reidsdale, Braidwood.

·                     Yerriebah Jams with berries grown and bottled in Little Bombay Road.

·                     Elanor’s Eggs – Free range eggs from our lovely next door neighbor Elanor.  $5 for a fresh dozen.  Call 0415 585 878 to order and collect them on your next visit to Saddle Camp.


Also, we have a huge collection of lost property – so if you think you’ve left something behind don’t be afraid to ask me.  I’ll post it back to you!


Braidwood Events

The Nightingale in the Cage


A concert by Adhoc Baroque, with repertoire from the 17th and 18th century. The nightingale was a symbol of love in the Baroque, and what better image for a concert with recorders? We've picked some beautiful pieces, mixing our favourites (Handel and Scarlatti) with a few new names like Cavalli and Lotti. 

Tickets booked online $22.50 or $18 concession. Tickets at the door will be $25/$20. Gold coin donation for children 15 and under.  Cash only at door on day. 

10% off when you book your tickets online: 10% discount.

On Sunday 22 April 2018 at 2:00pm

St Andrew’s Anglican Church
Elrington Street, Braidwood, NSW 2622

Local Nature & Wildlife Happenings!


For more information on this workshop email [email protected] or contact Local Land Services Braidwood office on (02) 48422594. 

We hope you had an Amazing April, and we really hope to see you soon! From Helen, Rob, Laura, Sarah, Blake, Dexter, Carson,Victory, Champ, Abbey, Cadie, Callie, Eddie & Destiny xoxox 

1040 Bombay Road Braidwood, Ph: 0417 456 093, E: [email protected],