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Saddle Camp Goss - March '18


What Can You Get Involved In?

Saddle Camp Easter Egg Hunt! 

Join Team Saddle Camp this Easter for our Mini Adventure Ride Easter Egg Hunts! We have places available for the following days & times;

Easter Saturday - 2.45 pm
- Easter Sunday - 12.15 pm


Email or call 0417 456 093 to book your Easter ride now! 


 Sydney CDI*** Dressage – Behind The Scenes Tour 2018

Saddle Camp Riders have once again been invited to Sydney’s CDI*** “Behind The Scenes Tour” at The Sydney International Equestrian Centre on Thursday 3rd of May.  As before, everyone will have the chance to get up close to these beautiful horses and talk to their riders and coaches. 

This is a special year as in September, we have the World Equestrian Games being held in Tryon, California and it is the first time Australian based riders have been able to qualify from Australia, making it more of a level playing field for our equestrians. The Sydney CDI is the second last qualifier for the games, so the best of our Australian based riders will all be here!
Some of the high points include:

  • Your school goes ‘behind the scenes’ into the security controlled stable area to talk with the riders, meet their Grand Prix horses and  learn  about the staging of an International Equestrian event from officials such as the Stable Manager, Event Veterinarian, Chief Steward, coaches and Internationally accredited judges. 
  • With WEG selection up for grabs, the spotlight is on just who can claim one of those berths by qualifying on their home ground. Further on, there’s the  Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, so the 'new kids on the block’ will have their sites on consolidating their performances over the next 2 years. 
  • Our visiting International judges have all judged at either Olympic level or at World Equestrian Games or World Championships.
  • Young Riders again feature this year, in their own Young Rider Under 25 Grand Prix International competition, these are the up and coming role models for our sport and students will have the chance to talk with them about their careers.
  • Our Young Horses are again on show in the 4/5/6 and 7 year old classes and  we aim to have a qualified young horse judge discuss the test with you

If anyone is interested in attending, Saddle Camp are organising a group to travel up on Thursday 3rd of May. Transport is $40 pp and if it’s easier to stay at The Saddle Camp overnight, it’s an extra $20. Apart from that, the tour is Free! For more information contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or!




Saddle Camp's Success at the Braidwood Show

Congratulations to Sarah & Helen on their success at this year's Braidwood Show for their cooking. Sarah received 2nd prize for her delicious Sponge Cake, and another 2nd for her Fruit Cake. Helen also did very well placing 3rd in the "Slice Without Icing" section for her amazing Rocky Road! 


Mt Fairy Holistic Grazing Course

How do you be good to the environment, and keep your horses healthy and happy? It's not easy!!!  On 5 & 6 March, Helen attended a Holistic Grazing Management Course held at Mt Fairy, and here at Saddle Camp. She was so inspired by Tony Hill's property and now has some big plans for Saddle Camp! 

Our main challenges now are to cover bare ground, give appropriate recovery time to plants after severe grazing by continuing to make smaller paddocks, and increase pasture diversity (eg. including sunflowers, lupins, kale, etc). Can't wait until the next part of the course!


Tony Hill - course presenter, on the tour of his property at Mt Fairy

Country Bumpkin PR - Sian Lovatt
Dressage arena letters and what they mean: A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F

Ever wondered what why arena letters are in the order they are & what they stand for?  We've had many riders recently ask us this question & we've finally found the answer!  Click on the link provided to find out; 



 Can you find all 12 horse words? 

7afba614962e83f018a47d1899bfe24e - Copy.jpg

Send in your answers to by midnight Monday 2nd April 2018 for your chance to win a special Saddle Camp Gift Certificate!! The winner will be announced in next months newsletter so get your answers in quick! 



Winners of our Monthly Barrel Draw! 

This months winner is Serena Wu-Edwards! Congratulations Serena, you have won a Gift Certificate for a free Day Camp of your choice!

Congratulations to our runner-ups -  John Carroll & Leyla Gaha-Morris. 

Congratulations To:

Daisy Hayman, Ella Klugman, Lucia Wildman, Tara Davey, Ann Wang-Harris, Leah Thewlis who were all awarded a trophy for Best Horse Person at Saddle Camp (at our Day and Overnight Camps)! 


Happy Birthday To:

Jaya Ayyalaraju, Claire Bath, Kara & Bonnie Kentink, Mia Blunden, Tessa Bond, Shannon Bristow, Katie Bunney, Rylee Bussenschutt, Henry Campbell, Jack Carpenter, Holli Cockram, Perran Creevey, Finn Crowley, Ellie Dean, Ella Duff, Pia Dunlop, Tyler Edwards, Bronte Edwards, Kiara Ferguson, Hannah Fischer, Illiana Fogerty, Tashani Fuller, Jazmyn Gimbert, Madeleine Goode, Gemma Hart, Ellie Harvey, Albert Hazell, Abbey Hiew, Georgie Hill, Ella Hines, Malia Holloway-Barrel, Gordan Hulse, Isabell Iannelli, Ava Iofgren, Cecelia Jacobson, Angus Johnson, Will Johnston, Katarina Jones, Isla Keil, Ruby Kelly, Pip Kelly, Ava Keogh, Lily Lane, Michaela Laugher, Mimi Legge, Michael Louis, Emma Lyons, Freya McRae, Tom Manning, Sophia Martinussen, Rediet McLaughlin, Abbey Messervy, Anya Milanovic, Adison Moon, Phoebe Newman-Gerwen, Audrey Noye, Niamh Elizabeth O'Rourke, Maddox Owen, Olivia Page, Jarrah Parsons, Asha Patterson, Kyara Penny, Chelsea Pluess-Timm, Molly Porter, Xanthe Putra Jaya, Jessica Redpath, Ria Robinson, Sienna Royds, Olivia Senior, Phoebe Shopis, Allora Sinagra, Jessalyn Smiltnieks, Natalie Smyth, Katia Stephan, Emily Stiles, Emily Sumner, John Taylor, Reeves Taylor, Nadia Thrivy, Leela Tilley, Molly Van Berkel, Hamul Vogl, Sarah Walker, Adelaide Wall, Ruby Ward, Kate Williamson, Bailee Winton-Murray, Stacey Yeadon and Laila Zreika.  

For Sale:

Horse Agistment Available

Rural cattle property near Araluen/Braidwood region.
For more information please call Heike Hahner on 0474 936 281.

Companion Horse

Sammi, is a 14hh 21 year old Quarab Mare who has been a lovely pony for the past year and a bit that I have owned her. Sammi is a very animated horse, so if something is wrong she will definitely tell you, and recently she has been giving me and my instructor signs that she is tired of working and has had enough, therefore I would like to sell her on as a companion pony. Sammi is good to float, trim, worm, but can be difficult to catch. She's good on her own or with other horses, she is great with kids, dogs, other farm animals and is 100% sound with all loud sounds and traffic. For further inquiries please contact Gabby on 0431 088 081 – Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


Lola-Lee Lou's Equestrian T-shirts! Handmade & designed Equestrian t-shirts by Lola-Lee Lou Hoeffer-Dunne from Canberra. These t-shirts are displayed at Saddle Camp but can be mailed to those of you who wish to purchase one of these gorgeous pieces of clothing! To order yours now, contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or E:


Young Harrison's Homemade Saddle Trolleys - No longer will it be a struggle to store & carry your tack & riding gear as these trolleys hold your saddle, grooming kit, helmet & more! These amazing trolleys are a rider's dream & come in various colours! We have a red single Saddle Trolley  here for just $60.  To order yours contact Helen on 0417 456 093 or E:



If you have any outgrown horsey gear, name your price and let me know. I’d be delighted to advertise it here in our newsletter, free of charge!  There’s

In our Café/Gift Shop, we have:

·                     Brand new, never been read, Thoroughbred, Heartland and Saddle Club books from $2-$5 each. 

·                     Saddle Camp Caps, Beanies, Hats, Pillow Cases, Key Rings, etc. 

·                     Horse Riding Apparel – cute jods, gorgeous shirts, chapettes, jackets, socks, etc.

·                     Espresso Coffee & Freshly Baked Treats with some featuring Australian Native Ingredients (such as Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake, Anzac Biscuits, Saddle Camp Short Bread Girls, Pies, Chocolate Cake & Brownies).

·                     Sully's Homemade Pickles, Chutneys & Assorted Brewed Soft Drinks - various delicious flavours to choose from & are all made from local, homegrown produce at The Old Cheese Factory in Reidsdale, Braidwood.

·                     Yerriebah Jams with berries grown and bottled in Little Bombay Road.

·                     Elanor’s Eggs – Free range eggs from our lovely next door neighbor Elanor.  $5 for a fresh dozen.  Call 0415 585 878 to order and collect them on your next visit to Saddle Camp.


Also, we have a huge collection of lost property – so if you think you’ve left something behind don’t be afraid to ask me.  I’ll post it back to you!


Velma Bronn Johnston  A.K.A. “Wild Horse Annie”


Velma Johnston was a Nevadan of pioneer heritage, born in Reno, March 5th, 1912, oldest of four, to parents Joseph Bronn (saved as an infant by the milk of a mustang mare coming across the deserts in a covered wagon) and mother Gertrude Clay. Her father operated a freighting service using many horses, some of mustang lineage. In 1923 at the tender age of 11, she became disfigured after having to spend months in a cast in a San Francisco hospital when being treated for polio. This experience gave her great empathy for confined and suffering animals. Having much time to herself in her youth, she devoted her time to caring for animals on her parents’ ranch. She avidly pursued learning but was often cruelly taunted by children in her classes because of her disfigurement. She greatly enjoyed composing poetry and drawing. She married a neighbor, strong, six-foot four inches tall, Charlie Johnston, part Delaware Indian, who took over her father’s ranch along the Truckee River near Wadsworth (the Double Lazy Heart Ranch). Unable to have children of their own, Velma and Charlie operated a sort of dude ranch for children which included many troubled city youth. This experience gave them great joy. For over forty years she worked as a secretary for Reno insurance executive Gordon Harris.

In 1950 one morning while driving to work, Velma witnessed a gruesome scene – wild horses crammed into a truck destined for a pet food slaughterhouse. Blood oozing from the truck revealed a yearling being trampled to death. She decided to expose this to the public eye. The massive wild horse and burro clearances from the Western public lands of the mid-1900s involved airplanes and many WWII pilots. They operated in conjunction with truck drivers and were aided by cowboys with lassoes and heavy truck tires.

Being an astute executive secretary, Annie set about amassing a legion of facts and evidence which she neatly organized into very effective presentations to all economic and social branches of society. She adroitly cultivated many contacts, from school children to ranchers to businessmen, biologists, and politicians. Both a charming and a commanding public speaker, she delivered her message with passionate conviction, inspiring a sense of justice and compassion for the wild horses in her listeners. She began her campaign in her home Storey County. Here it was in 1952, with help from prominent citizens and after fiery meetings in Virginia City , that she earned her nickname, “Wild Horse Annie”. In 1955 her campaign in the Nevada State Legislature led to a bill banning aircraft and land vehicles from capturing wild horses on state lands. Unfortunately this left the wild horses on 86% of Nevada lands, as well as on the public lands of other Western states, unprotected, since these lands were largely under federal jurisdiction. Seeing that these indiscriminate wild equid gatherings continued to supply the pet food industry, indefatigable Annie aroused public indignation and support for the first federal law to protect wild horses. This was accomplished in 1959 with support from Nevada’s U.S. Representative Walter S. Baring. It prohibited the use of any form of motorized vehicles as well as the poisoning of water holes done either to capture or kill wild horses. It is known as the Wild Horse Annie Act (P.L. 86-234).


By the mid-1960s it became apparent that P.L. 86-234 was not enough since wild horses continued to rapidly lose ground in the West. Of pivotal importance in Annie’s determination to continue with the fight was the failure to obtain conviction for a well-documented violation of the Act involving a wild horse roundup in Central Nevada and subsequent shipping of the animals to a Fallon slaughter house. This inspired her all the more to bring justice for the horses. She felt strongly that they had a right to remain in viable numbers on the public lands.

In spite of her husband Charlie’s untimely death from emphysema and by means of a meticulously organized campaign involving many audio-visual presentations to schools and civic gatherings, plus a wide-spread letter writing and illustrated fact sheets distribution, Annie convinced thousands of people of all ages and walks of life to advocate for the wild horses. Congress received more letters on this issue than any other, save the Vietnam War. Annie herself testified before Congress. The result was the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act (P.L. 92-195) which was unanimously passed and signed into law in 1971. This gave the wild equids protection on BLM and Forest Service lands “where found” at the time of the passage of the Act in 303 areas.

Another of Annie’s major accomplishments was to see the establishment of special wild horse refuges, some coming before the Act. The largest such refuge, established in 1966, lies within the vast Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada . The historically significant Pryor Mountain refuge, established in 1968, on the Montana-Wyoming border, and picturesque Little Bookcliffs refuge (dedicated to Annie) near Palisade, Colorado, are two other such sanctuaries.

During her lifetime, Annie and her dedicated assistants kept a rigorous vigilance on the equid herds to assure their fair treatment. The files of the two organizations she established, the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (established before the 1971 Act) and Wild Horses Organized Assistance (established after the 1971 Act), include meticulous field notes (many by Annie herself), maps and photographs of horse/burro spottings (along with individual descriptions of the animals and their activities), witness testimonies, and other documents.

After her husband’s death, Annie lived with her mother “Trudie” in her home overlooking Reno where she loved to garden. But her standing up for the wild ones had made her the subject of many vicious attacks, including threats to her life. On June 27th, 1977, she passed away after bravely fighting a losing battle with cancer. She was 65 years old.



Braidwood Events

Braidwood Rodeo



The Nightingale in the Cage


A concert by Adhoc Baroque, with repertoire from the 17th and 18th century. The nightingale was a symbol of love in the Baroque, and what better image for a concert with recorders? We've picked some beautiful pieces, mixing our favourites (Handel and Scarlatti) with a few new names like Cavalli and Lotti. 

Tickets booked online $22.50 or $18 concession. Tickets at the door will be $25/$20. Gold coin donation for children 15 and under.  Cash only at door on day. 

10% off when you book your tickets online: 10% discount.

On Sunday 22 April 2018 at 2:00pm

St Andrew’s Anglican Church
Elrington Street, Braidwood, NSW 2622

Local Nature & Wildlife Happenings!


For more information on this workshop email or contact Local Land Services Braidwood office on (02) 48422594. 


Mumu Bulwalwanga Ran - A Three Day Mini Festival

A three day mini festival celebrating ancient traditions that honour personal and planetary wellbeing. Following the success of Bulwalwanga Ran Festival in January 2017 we will be holding a 3 day gathering at Jamanee Gunya, not far from Milton on the NSW South Coast, over the Easter break in 2018.

“Mumu” means “little” in Dhurga language of the Yuin people, so Mumu Bulwalwanga Ran will be a smaller and more intimate gathering limited to 40 people. It will feature a number of yarning circles around fires with our invited speakers during the day and participatory Aboriginal dance and music at night. Half a day of the gathering will be devoted to a healing smoking ceremony at a local sacred site. 

Jamanee Gunya is the property of Noel and Trish Butler, a beautiful secluded valley surrounded by forest 15 minutes by car from Milton. It is well equipped with kitchen, covered outdoor living spaces and eco friendly shower and toilet blocks.

Mornings will begin with Yoga classes or a swim at beautiful Wairo beach and there will be various workshops through out the day. The gathering will include leaders in their fields teaching meditation, Aboriginal weapon making, healing from trauma, weaving, healing with herbs, as well as talks on traditional edible and medicinal plants.

Speakers include:

  • Noel Butler – Budwang man, Yuin elder and horticulturalist.
  • Steven Harris – Southern Highlands naturopath and herbalist, wildcrafter.
  • Dr Shaun Matthews – Ayurveda and yoga therapist and author
  • Nicola Lambert – transpersonal life coach and educator at Nature Care College
  • Ben Zion Weiss – social ecologist, Dances for Universal Peace
  • Dean Kelly – Yuin man with vast cultural knowledge and experience to share

Venue: Jamanee Gunya, 501 Wheelbarrow Road, 15 minutes by road from Milton. See Getting there directions below.

Timing: Opening welcome to country will begin at 11 am on Good Friday 30th March, 2018. Closing ceremony 3 pm Sunday 1st April.

Accomodation: bring your own tent, sleeping bag, air mattress.

What to bring: clothes appropriate for autumn, including woollen jumper, rain coat, swimming costumes, towel, hat, insect repellent, sun-cream, torch and eco-friendly toiletries.

Tickets include all talks, workshops and meals with a smorgasboard of delicious vegetarian, non-vegetarian and traditional Aboriginal food. 


  • Friday 30th March – Welcome to country, lunch, talking circle, dinner, fire time
  • Saturday 31March – yoga, breakfast, morning workshops, lunch, healing gathering at sacred site, dinner, Aboriginal dance/music
  • Sunday 1st April – Yoga, breakfast, morning workshops, lunch, afternoon workshops. Closing ceremony at 3pm.

Registration: Early bird rate if paid before 10 March 2018- $380 adults, $175 childrenAdults - $450, Children - $225 (12 and under). Bulwalwanga Ran - CBA BSB – 062646 / Acc # - 1029 7680. 

To secure your place, please deposit funds into the following account stating your Surname as the reference: Enquiries: Trish Roberts – or (mob) 0405 646 911. 


We hope you had a Magnificant March, and we really hope to see you soon! From Helen, Rob, Laura, Sarah, Blake, Dexter, Carson,Victory, Champ, Abbey, Cadie, Callie & Eddie xoxox 

1040 Bombay Road Braidwood, Ph: 0417 456 093, E:,