Staying positive!


Staying positive! We know just how impossible it seems to stay positive when times get tough. Throughout our time operating The Saddle Camp (nearly 21 years!) there has been many ups and many downs, and times when our goals seemed so out of reach that we had to consider "giving up" the only sensible thing to do.  They say "Living Your Dream can often feel like living a Thrilling Nightmare". 

And it was in these times we had to step back and ask ourselves Why? Why did we start this crazy adventure? And why is it so important to our hearts that we keep it going?  The truth: to enlighten others and brighten their lives so they could brighten ours with personal success stories and a shared love of our beautiful horses! 

And those highs?  When the planets are aligned and everything comes together?  They make everything so worth it!!!  In fact, you forget about all the turmoil you went through to get there!  Just like learning to ride :)

So what do we do to get through and come out on top at the end of the hard times? We make our goals a little smaller - into more reachable steps, celebrate the wins a little more than we usually would and make partnerships with positive and empowering people and businesses that keep us thinking outside the box on ways to reach the biggest picture of our goals.

This month we have partnered up with two businesses that bring both awareness and positivity to people not just in the equine industry; Soldiers United are all about sharing uplifting content and raising awareness of mental illness and seeking your own help, and MyCharmedHorse inspire us to "love the little things" in the everyday by adding a little bling to our tack and remind us of the little wins that keep us pushing forward.

For Sierra from MyCharmedHorse her horse Ace was her inspiration. "I always thought he should have a piece of jewellery on his accessories! It all began in 2016 when I started putting charms on Ace's braids at horse shows, followed by his bridle and my backpack. Soon after, everyone at my agistment barn and several others were interested in my charms. My main goal is to provide customers with quality, adorable products that remind you of the little pleasures in life and make charms to inspire all (not just equestrians!). Since starting MyCharmedHorse as a luxury and inspirational equestrian brand, we have expanded to also offer neclaces, bangle bracelets, logo hats, saddle pads and tote bags to spread our message." We love Sierra's inspiring charms that bring a smile to our face as we saddle up the horses, because at the end of each day it's the little things that add up to be the big things in life.