Hannah Costigan, 6 years old & learning to canter on Comet.

Hannah Costigan, 6 years old & learning to canter on Comet.

Would you like to learn how to ride safely & effectively right from the start?

With our 4 ponies & horses, trained and purchased with the right temperament for the task, you’ll work through our systemised training program.  You'll be riding confidently and effectively within 20 lessons – Guaranteed.

The lessons are one-on-one so you’ll learn at your own pace, and you’ll have your instructor’s absolute focus.  We’ll record your progress in your Log Book, and when it’s complete you’ll receive a Graduation Medallion.  

We have a great system that we’ve been continually tweaking & developing for 18 years.  It’s strongly based on the system recommended by Horseridingcoach.com. 

Natural Horsemanship concepts are woven in to the program too, so you'll learn just how soft, quiet and willing a great riding horse can be.  

We concentrate on Rider Bio-Mechanics first.  Once you know what’s going on underneath you, and how your body balances with the movement – then you can start concentrating on giving the horse directions!  Then we'll add jumps!!!

The private lessons are half an hour of intense concentration, and cost $40 each.  But if you pay for 5 lessons in advance you’ll receive a 6th one free, or pay for 10 in advance you’ll receive a free Day Camp of your choice or $140 off a Weekend Camp (usually $315).

 Rosie Crawford riding Belle over Trot Poles, as featured in Horse Wyse Magazine, Spring '16!

Rosie Crawford riding Belle over Trot Poles, as featured in Horse Wyse Magazine, Spring '16!

We have really enjoyed our time with you, Helen, since August.  I see so much improvement in Izzy and we are both thrilled!  You are quite talented and a wonderful person to work with.  We look forward to more in the new year.  Lots of love from Gordon, Sarah & Elizabeth.

On behalf of Braidwood Pony Club I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did as Show Judge for the Pony Club ring.  Your willingness to accept the job as well as your professional and caring execution of the job was very much appreciated by all of us at Pony Club!

Dear Helen, Thanks so much for your energy, enthusiasm and wonderful instruction over the last year.  Your efforts are much appreciated.  From Braidwood Pony Club

To dear Helen, I just wanted to say a HUGE ‘thank you’.  You have taught me so much over the last two years.  I don’t know where I’d be without you.  I am so glad we have not lost touch.  You mean so much to me.  Nearly everything I know about horses I learnt from you, Comet, Jade, Pedro and Pebbles.  I love you all.  I would love to continue coming to shows with you and coming down to join in as many activities during the school holidays as I can.  I think you guys are all great!  Say hi to everyone.  Love ya from Blake CelestinoP.S.  You are the BEST horse riding teacher in the world!  P.P.S.  You are not just a horse riding teacher but a true friend.

Dear Helen, Thank you so much!  You are amazing.  Without you, I wouldn’t have gone to the show at all.  You have done so much with Star.  It is amazing!  Thank you so much!  Millie

Dear Helen, I have had so much fun riding Douglas, even when he flicked his head around.  Love Tayla

Dear Helen, Thank you for letting me in the Show Team.  I had a wonderful time on Sunday.  I hope you did.  I won a ribbon in every event.  I won 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd & 4th all thanks to you.  Thank you very much for giving up your time for all of us.  It was really nice of you.  Pebbles did excellent.  She was great.  Love from Thalia

Dear Helen.  I really enjoyed the lesson last week!  From Rebecca

To Helen, Thank you for teaching me how to ride a horse and all the bits on the bridle and the bits on the saddle.  I think Saddle Camp is the best place to learn to ride a horse.  Thank you so much for teaching me.  I don’t know what I could do on a horse without you.  From Belinda

For a copy of our Log Book (formal Riding Lesson Program), so you can see exactly what we teach, call or email Helen on

Ph: 0417 456 093 or [email protected]

And you’re very welcome to come out and meet our horses, see our facilities and see us in action - to make sure we’re the right team for you!  We're here 7 days.