Do you have a Little Person in your house that's just BUSTING to ride a horse?  We can help make it happen!  


A great introduction to the wonderful world of horse riding. Meet your horse and we'll make sure you feel comfortable before heading out on a led 25 minute ride through the bush, looking out for native animals and going over obstacles. Stop at the dam and let your horse have a drink. When you feel confident, try a trot!

Available every day                                                                                                                                                     Just $25.00 per rider

Pony Party

If you have a group of children keen to ride - why not make it a party with 2 hours of Pony Riding Games with lolly prizes, and morning tea.

We dedicate 2 hours of riding activities, but there's no set time limit for sitting back and allowing your child to run amok and enjoy our indoor Club House facilities and outdoor play equipment, safely enclosed with a "child-proof" fence!

Morning/afternoon tea catered for everyone's enjoyment, and you can purchase an espresso coffee from our Cafe to complete the decadent experience! Recommended for 2 years and over.

Minimum of 6 riders (Mothers & non-riding children Free of Charge)                                                     $35.00 per rider


Hire our expertise!

If you have a group or party that loves ponies why not hold it at our place?

Utilize our kid-safe play area, kids club house and cafe facilities to hold your eventand hire one of our staff and ponies to highlight your day! Recommended for 2 years and over.

Let us help you develop confidence, balance, a love of riding, and an independent seat for all little riders in your group.

Unlimited number of riders                                                       1 hour: $80                                                 2 hours: $115

Mums and bubs

If you have a group of 6 or more children keen to ride, and other mothers who are keen to get together - make it a Mums and Bubs Party at Saddle Camp!

For the Children - 2 hours of Pony Riding Games & supervised play in our Club-House Play Ground.

For the Mums - choose from 20 Party Plans, such as Flaschengeist, Avon, tupperware and more! For shopping help & entertainment.

All put together with a delicious spread for children & adults to enjoy! Contact us for a list of party plans available and our menu.

Available every day!                                                                     $30/riding child, $5 /mother & children under 2 free

(Minimum of 6 riding children.)