Best Time of my Life

Dear Helen,

I just want to thank you for the amazing time I had at saddle camp, it has was the happiest time of my life and will be a memory that will never be forgotten. Also I think I got a lot better at horse riding, you guys taught me how to do good and take care of my horse. I really wish I can go again soon if my parents let me because it's the happiest I've ever been. You are really nice too and you cared for us when we needed it. I miss Cadie a lot, I miss not waking up and going outside to pat her and feed her. I've hang my saddle log book and gymkhana time sheets up on my wall as memory of the best time of my life.

Melissa Wilson

P.S I still really miss Cadie

"Saddle Camp was a wish come true!"

Hey Helen, sorry I'm late with this message I've been busy at school telling everyone about saddle camp. I loved Saddle Camp so so much, it was an amazing experience. I'm already planning for next year! I loved riding Victory and seeing all the horses, it was very nice & you planned it out amazingly. It was fun my school and my teachers loved hearing about it, one of my teachers loved it as she also loves horses. Thank you so so so much for the amazing experience, I absolutely loved it.

Thank you Helen, Rob, Blake, Dexter, Carson, all the workers, Sarah and Laura. Thank you so so much for having me and taking care of me and also teaching me how to ride. Also thanks Helen and everyone for an amazing experience, I'm so happy I went. Saddle camp was a wish come true! 

Love from, Samara R

"Truly worth the drive from South Australia!"

Hi Helen,

Just a quick note to say what a wonderful experience you gave Samara, she is still so excited about it and is already making plans for next year. Truly worth the drive from Padthaway SA (11 hrs).

Also thank you so much for allowing myself, Matto & Kristy to camp on the property, you truly have a beautiful place there.  A special hello to Rob , Blake, Dexter and Carson  from all of us my  younger two had a great time playing with them.

Once again thank you so much, you GIVE a wonderful and knowledgeable experience to anyone interested in horse riding, I highly recommend the Saddle Camp experience to any parent or child who wants to be involved with horse riding.


Terry (South Australia)  

"Thank you for giving me confidence!"

Hey Helen,

Hope you guys are having a great start to 2018! Very exciting to see that you have some beautiful new horses! I love Stock Horses so much, they’re gorgeous! (All horses are beautiful though)

I heard about some bushfires on the radio recently and I was hoping that you guys are all ok and haven’t been affected.

Also, I saw that Belle is no longer working at saddle camp, I hope she’s ok? I had a wonderful time with her last year - she’s a beautiful horse and I had my first jump on her so my memories of riding her are very special. 

Recently with Misty I have progressed to doing some liberty with her and she now confidently jumps and canters over obstacles rope free on the ground, and we are working on jumping in the saddle. She is everything to me and I think the saddle camp helped me with my confidence in riding, as I have just started training her to canter under saddle correctly and she went from being a dominant and grumpy pony when I first bought her to a soft, willing and loving partner now. I haven’t fallen off her (yet) (touch wood!) and I think this is largely because she trusts me because I am confident with her, so thank you for giving me some of that confidence!

Daisy xx

Ella has not stopped raving about her Birthday Party!

Thank you SO much for putting on such a great birthday party for Ella. 

All 3 girls absolutely loved you, and were telling me what an amazing time they all had at Saddle Camp- they all want to come back!! 

In particular, Ella has not stopped raving about it, and now wants horse riding lessons!

It's really lovely to hear her talk so enthusiastically about the horses. She's often a little slow to warm up to things, so it has made both John and I very happy to see her come back from your camp one very happy girl. 

Thank you

Warmest regards,


"My Time At The Saddle Camp Was Magical."

My weekend at the Saddle Camp was one I will never forget. 10 minutes from Braidwood NSW, Helen from Saddle Camp has created a unique and beautiful place.

We arrived on Saturday morning and I was able to choose my horse to ride for my time there. There were 6 beautiful horses to choose from so it was a very hard decision. After that we got to tack up the horse we chose.

We went on a ride around the beautiful property, stopping at a waterhole to give the horses a drink. Helen showed us how to feed the horses and we got to drive a horse and cart which was amazing! At the end of the day we had a spectacular dinner with a movie and popcorn afterwards. After that we went on a spotlighting tour. We saw lots of animals and saw where the horses were sleeping for the night! The bedroom we slept in is cosy and very nice. I definitely slept well!

In the morning Helen made us a wonderful breakfast and of course the horses had a great breakfast as well! :) Then we went on a long trail ride around them property and had a picnic lunch which was fantastic.

When we got back we prepared for the mini show. We oiled the horses hooves and braided their manes and tails. We did a leading class, dressage and jumping. Then we played some fun games. We also had an awards ceremony at the end and I felt like I never wanted to leave!

My time at the Saddle Camp was magical. Thank you so much Helen and everyone else who made my time at the Saddle Camp so amazing!!

Alannah Trefz VIC (11 years old)

"You & your club are remarkable."

Hi Helen,

I would like to sincerely thank you, Laura and Victory for my overwhelming experience yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and look forward to my next visit.

I truly do appreciate all you did for me. I feel you went way above and beyond to make my time there an unforgettable one, and you certainly succeeded. Your stories of the history of the entire area and the passages we were passing through really opened my mind up to just how wonderful this part of Australia is. I don't think I could have discovered this without your knowledge.

Thank you for allowing me to assist in preparing the horses as I felt this to be a very important element with regards to getting to know the horses and for them to get to know me. I was blown away that you were walking with us the entire time, guiding, urging and educating me in the process. You and your club are remarkable.

I will see you again. As to when, I am unsure, but it will be sooner rather than later. Until then, I wish you all the very best. Thank you once again. Take care :-)


Work Experience - 10/10

The Saddle Camp is an incredible place, filled with amazing staff. They are very welcoming, nice and always happy to help. I went to The Saddle Camp 3 times for work experience as they taught me so much, provided me with an amazing and different experience each time and there was never a dull moment. I highly recommend The Saddle Camp for anyone that wants to get lessons, attend a horsey work experience placement, or to visit the amazing cafe that they have. 10/10

- Josh

"I feel more than happy leaving the girls in your capable hands"

Thanks Helen, that's awesome.  I felt very comfortable after talking with you on the phone but am grateful for the extra information. You should put some of those details on your profiles on the website too.  I have just completed my teaching degree and understand what's involved in the Working With Children Check so am happy you shared that with me.  I feel more than happy leaving the girls in your capable hands…and your boys are gorgeous by the way!!  Cheers, Vicki

"Mia had a fabulous time & learnt so much!"

Hi Helen and Rob, Thank you for the wonderful care you took of Mia at Saddle Camp last week.  Mia had a fabulous time and learnt so much.  She was well and truly exhausted, she fell asleep before we got out of Braidwood and hopped into bed as soon as we got home and didn’t wake up till 9am the following morning.  Thank you.  Fiona and Mia

"Lucy Loved it as always"

Luce has drawn a gorgeous card for you which has been sitting around for a week or so with me forgetting to post it!  I hope you’ve had a good and busy holiday.  Lucy loved it as always.  We have printed off her photos which are now on her wall and she talks about Victory all the time.  Even has jam jars with his hair inside sitting beside her bed!   Thank you to both you and Rob for having them all and for making it so fun.  I am sure she’ll be seeing you sometime in January.  In the meantime, hope all goes well for you all.  Best wishes, Mary

Saddle Camp Hydration

“Hi Helen, I forgot to tell you:  I wanted to make sure that the girls were drinking enough water on the way home.  Just before we left on Sunday, most of them were already settled in the cars, and I remembered they needed to go fill up their water bottles.  Most were too tired to get up and walk one step further..... until I suggested, "Go and fill up your water bottle with Helen's special Saddle Camp water so that you have something to drink on the way home and maaaaaybe some left over to take to school tomorrow!"   Well, their faces all suddenly lit up, they positively SHOT out of the car and piled into the club house to fill up their bottles!!!  I was left in a cloud of dust, smiling to myself!!!  We arrived back in Canberra, with re-hydrated girls. Phew!  I thought you'd like to know:  The very mention of your name is enough to motivate exhausted girls into further action! :-)  You're our hero!  Lisa