From Bec, Hanah & Tom

DATE : Tue, 4 Oct 2011
TO : saddlecamp
FROM : Bec 

Hi Helen I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful experience that you gave 
Hanah and Tom today!! I asked them if their day was 'a good one' or 'just totally awesome' 
and they couldn't respond quick enough that it was 'totally awesome'. They spent the whole of 
dinner time telling their dad, so proudly, all of the things they had learnt today. Hanah asked 
me before she left, if she could please 'sleep over' and Tom was so upset that he couldn't sleep over!! 
They are so keen and excited to come back on Thursday rain, hail or shine - wild horses wouldn't 
drag them away.

You are an amazing woman who oozed enthusiasm and energy all day - and then you still manage to be a fabulous mum at the same time!!

Thank you so very much.

From Bec Rudd