Saddle Camp Hydration

“Hi Helen, I forgot to tell you:  I wanted to make sure that the girls were drinking enough water on the way home.  Just before we left on Sunday, most of them were already settled in the cars, and I remembered they needed to go fill up their water bottles.  Most were too tired to get up and walk one step further..... until I suggested, "Go and fill up your water bottle with Helen's special Saddle Camp water so that you have something to drink on the way home and maaaaaybe some left over to take to school tomorrow!"   Well, their faces all suddenly lit up, they positively SHOT out of the car and piled into the club house to fill up their bottles!!!  I was left in a cloud of dust, smiling to myself!!!  We arrived back in Canberra, with re-hydrated girls. Phew!  I thought you'd like to know:  The very mention of your name is enough to motivate exhausted girls into further action! :-)  You're our hero!  Lisa