"Thank you for giving me confidence!"

Hey Helen,

Hope you guys are having a great start to 2018! Very exciting to see that you have some beautiful new horses! I love Stock Horses so much, they’re gorgeous! (All horses are beautiful though)

I heard about some bushfires on the radio recently and I was hoping that you guys are all ok and haven’t been affected.

Also, I saw that Belle is no longer working at saddle camp, I hope she’s ok? I had a wonderful time with her last year - she’s a beautiful horse and I had my first jump on her so my memories of riding her are very special. 

Recently with Misty I have progressed to doing some liberty with her and she now confidently jumps and canters over obstacles rope free on the ground, and we are working on jumping in the saddle. She is everything to me and I think the saddle camp helped me with my confidence in riding, as I have just started training her to canter under saddle correctly and she went from being a dominant and grumpy pony when I first bought her to a soft, willing and loving partner now. I haven’t fallen off her (yet) (touch wood!) and I think this is largely because she trusts me because I am confident with her, so thank you for giving me some of that confidence!

Daisy xx