Wonderful Agistment!

A big thank you to Helen, Rob and the team for making my horse Maggie’s stay last spring so worthwhile. The reason for her visit was to re build her and my riding relationship which had slowly faded over several years of being too busy to ride.

The positive environment created by all the horse loving kids and adults and quiet, sweet school horses was perfect. Helen’s boundless enthusiasm and support helped me achieve all my goals in both the riding arena and bush trails, and Magpie went home a better horse for it.

I was so lucky to coincide our time at Saddle Camp with the David Stuart clinic, enabling me to tap in to some key foundation skills for both me and my horse, then building on them in such a safe and supportive place. I highly recommend what Helen and all the crew have to offer, as a way to reconnect with your horse.

Thanks again every one involved in the rebooting of Magpie and me.

Best Regards Judy