From Lisa & Kate

DATE : Wed, 20 Apr 2011
TO : saddlecamp
FROM : Lisa

Dear Helen, Thanks so much for another wonderful Horsemanship Day. I did manage to
dry my eyes enough to make it back to Canberra... but they began leaking
again when I got home and related the day's experiences to my folks!

The whole experience was just so dreamy and perfect for Kate - I really
could not have asked for better. Her mind was reeling with all the
things she learned, at the end of the day.

I loved how there was so much to learn from you (let's get realistic
here: I learned a lot!!) - not just about horses and riding, but about
teaching, and about getting along with people and animals in a
sensitive, caring way. This you do so well: it is a genuine forte of

I also liked how you used every event as an opportunity to teach and
reassure the students and horses - for example, when one of the horses
suddenly got the jitters and pulled away from the fence where he was
tied up.

I thought your property was beautiful (what magnificent views over the
dam, and through the trail riding forest), and looked well cared for.
Everything looked well maintained, appealing, clean and safe, so as a
parent of a prospective overnight camper, I would feel confident in
entrusting my precious daughter with you for a camp experience.

Lunch and morning tea looked delicious, nicely presented and well
thought out.

We appreciated your highly positive attitude, and the high degree of
respect you showed to all the students and the horses.

Thanks for giving us such a great day. Thanks for the opportunity to
walk around with Dexter too - I hope he wasn't too overheated after our
trail ride walk in the beautiful sunshine.

I talked to Kate about the horsemanship trophy, and she explained she
didn't want to take it because she already had one, and she wanted to
make sure that someone else had a chance to get that one. She fell
asleep with a big grin, wearing her Saddle Camp rosette, in the car on
the way home, after stopping at Rob's old employer's for a hot cross bun.

Many thanks again. Kate is saving up her pocket money to come again!